Wilson runs for awamu


Congratulations to Wilson, 7 years, who ran his first 2k this weekend for awamu!The boy wonder has raised over nearly £300 to help our children in Kampala because  "I think they should have food and be able to go to school like me and my friends do." Congratulation on completing your first run and THANK YOU from all your friends in Kampala - you're our hero Wilson!

See Wilson in action..


Mid race. Wilson has broken away and is running by himself and overtake as many people as he could.


Wilson Freeman and his first (of many!) running medal(s).

If you're inspired by Wilson and want to run, jump, cycle, knit or take part in an event for awamu please get in touch.

Everypenny you raise will go directly to helping the children we work with in Kampala to get the education that is vital to thier future.